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Recruiters and HR professionals are becoming more accountable for their ROI, and expected to develop competitive sourcing strategies focused on both attraction and reporting. 


As a result, the dated, traditional model of recruitment is no longer providing the results they require. In order to attract talent cost-effectively, businesses are considering new ways to advertise their jobs, nurture talent and make their teams more efficient.

Written for in-house recruitment managers and HR professionals, The In-House Direct Sourcing Guide, provides the tools and frameworks to become self-sufficient and bring recruitment in-house.

In this 34-page eBook, Webrecruit shares with you the latest thinking and top tips focusing on two key areas of a direct recruitment strategy: recruitment advertising and recruitment software.

Download your copy today to find out:

- Which recruitment advertising metrics you need to be using

- The 3 steps involved in setting up a sourcing strategy

- The key players in the current market, such as Indeed
- Key questions to ask when setting up a job board contract
- Why spreadsheets are a thing of the past