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Thinking of setting up a direct recruitment team for your organisation?

Download our latest case study. Low_Cost_Travel_Group__Webrecruit_Case_Study

Find out how the partnership between Webrecruit and lowcosttravelgroup created a world-class sourcing programme by downloading our case study.

Inside you'll learn how the award-winning travel business was able to:

- save over £78k in just over one year 
- stop 60% of its vacancies going to costly traditional agencies
- introduce an ATS that helped them become an employer of choice


‘Had we used traditional agencies we’d be £80,000 down. Instead, Webrecruit’s ability to attract the right candidates meant we reduced our recruitment spend by 68%. This was money we could re-invest back into our teams to make us even stronger as an employer of choice’.

Roger Parks, lowcosttravelgroup