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Are you spending too much time on admin, when you should be talking to candidates? 

Need to reduce your agency spend, but unsure which supplier is delivering the best value? 

Is your hiring manager bypassing your process... again?

The_Pocket_Guide_to_Recruitment_Software_Front_CoverMaybe it’s time to consider what benefits an applicant tracking system (ATS) can deliver your hiring activities.

Written for HR teams who are still using spreadsheets to manage their recruitment process, The Pocket Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems, gives you an overview of the fundamentals behind this piece of recruitment software.

Download your copy to find out:

- How an ATS can solve your recruitment admin headaches

- The various options available in the market 

- The main advantages it will bring in helping to centralise your operations

- The main reports you need to generate to start saving time and money 

- How to match your needs to the right solution